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Product Release

Text Analysis International's flagship product, VisualText® 2 is now available for FREE.  The professional release includes support for building UNICODE analyzers.   Go to our Sign-up page.

FREE download: standalone TAIParse Part-of-Speech Tagger at 90% accuracy (contact us for the 94% version).

Quick Tour

Take a quick 6-page tour of this innovative IDE for building, using, and maintaining information extraction systems, natural language processing systems, and text analyzers.

In-depth Tour

Take an in-depth tour of VisualText by exploring the corporate analyzer application. This analyzer demonstrates the major features of VisualText® and illustrates why it is the choice for writing text analyzers.


NLPPPLogoMed.gifVisualText is an Integrated Development Environment for deep text analysis applications.  Think of it as Visual C++® for Natural Language Processing applications.  It accelerates the development of accurate, fast, and highly maintainable text analyzers. It features NLP++® -- a new C++ -like programming language for quickly elaborating grammars, patterns, heuristics, and knowledge.

Click here for more details.

Online Help

The complete VisualText Help documentation is now available online.

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